Dirty Rotten Bounders

Dirty Rotten Bounders Game

An original game, combining the strategy of Reversi with all of the excitement of a fun, fast-paced, tile-flipping, arcade action game.

Game Instructions

Upon starting the Dirty Rotten Bounders game you will be presented with the main menu screen.

main menu screen

The User button enables you to create a new user, or log-in with an existing username. You can play the game anonymously, but your scores and times will not be saved in the high-score tables unless you are logged-in. Click on the Hi-scores button to examine the current leaderboard statistics. Options allows you to choose the player avatar (male or female) and enable, or disable, the sounds. Practice allows you to choose any of the 15 boards, at any level of difficulty, to gain experience with each particular board. If you have logged-in, then your best time for the board will be recorded. Play will bring up the level of difficulty screen, allowing you to select between any of the three levels of difficulty and then start actual game-play. Quit will exit the game and return to this webpage.

Instructions on how to play the game may be found by following the How to play link.

play game button